Monday, April 23, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: Linebackers

The play makers of an attacking defense. And one of my favorite positions.

Inside Linebackers

Patrick Willis, Mississippi
The only thing that concerns me about Willis is that a lot of his plays were made after a gain by the offense. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he played for a poor team and that's more the reason than anything else. That said, he's a sideline to sideline guy who has size and can move.

Originally most mocks had the Patriots landing him but there's really no way he's there when they pick.

Buster Davis, Florida State.
If David Harris didn't play for Michigan I'd have David Harris here. Instead of Greg Olson's disappearing act playing on a lesser team than in the past, Buster Davis elevated his game. He's a great 4-3 MLB.

David Harris, Michigan.
Great run stopper that seemed to have improved on his coverage skills and his speed. Granted he played in an inferior conference in the Big-10, but he's obviously very good at playing against teams that run straight ahead with no real rhyme or reason. He'd be perfect for the AFC North.

Zak DeOssie, Brown.
Smarts, good size and great athletic ability. DeOssie has a ton of upside. I love saying upside.

Bust: HB Blades. I think he sucks. Don't draft him. Undersized.

Sleeper: DeOssie and Justin Durant of Hampton.

Outside Linebacker

Lawrence Timmons, Florida State.
Stud outside guy who can play the edge, get after the qb, or drop into coverage. A complete player who played against very good competition in the ACC. A stud.

John Beason, The U.
Member of the 7th floor crew, the greatest rap group of all time:

"(What's your name?) Big Beast. (What you do?) Skeet skeet. (How you do it?) Bust a nut, aim for her mouthpiece.

I mean how can that guy NOT be a solid player. Regardless, Beason is not a character issue - he's a very good player. Versatile and quick with good size. I love this guy.

Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma.
He flat out makes plays. And you can't coach that.

Stewart Bradley, Nebraska.
Typical 3-4 OLB guy, Bradley is a "worker." He does his job, brings his lunch pail to work, and just gets it done. Nothing flashy, but solid performance.

Paul Posluszny, Penn State.
I am not high on Posluszny. The reality is that he could be the 2nd guy taken and be a horrible player. Injured two years ago, who knows how he'll play when he gets to the NFL. I don't like this kid - but the Patriots may take him which I'll have to be ok with. In Bill I trust.

Bust: Posluszny

Sleeper: Stephen Nicolas, South Florida


Anonymous said...

Posluszny will not be a bust. 3 yr starter, 2 year captain, very productive. Will be better 2nd year after knee injury. Demeco Ryans/Lofa Tatupu of the '07 draft.

bigfin said...

I too don't think that Posluszny will be a bust, but then again, I don't think Jamarcus Russell will be a bust like THAT GUY says he will be. TG, do you really not like Posluszny, or do you just not want to give the BIG 10 any credit at all? He obviously got injured, but what don't you like about him as a player?

Zballs said...

Hey! Greg Olsen was in the 7th floor crew too. Why no love for him?

That Guy said...

Because he was obviously the "token" zballs.

That Guy said...

bigfin I think he gets struck by the injury bug for most of his career.